Cesenatico, certainly one of holiday’s main center, during summer season comes to life with colours, music, sun, seaside, fun but not forgetting its ancient fishing habour’s spirit.
Piazza delle Conserve, Piazza delle Erbe and Cesenatico’s downtown are an evidence of this and also gastronomical traditions based on good Adriactic fish. Also the ancient Porto Caneale, designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502 incharged by Cesare Borgia, on which docks, during promenades you can enjoy to see the eight boats at buoy mooring.
They are boats that sealed on Adriatic sea until the post-WWII period. Boats that rievocate deals and ancient time fishing. Today they are part of the first and unique outdoor Museo of Marineria on Leonardesco Harbour.During the day and the night, Cesenatico offers lot of fun opportunity. In disco, in pub, in live-music bars o in pictoresque streets markets that weekly occupy downtown during the night. Backcountry, full of history and gastronomical route, is the ideal destination for people loving tradition and fan of cycling. In Romanga there is the higher concentration of entertainment centers: from water slides, to rollercoasters, from dolphinariums to Italia in miniatura, from mysterious Maya cities to discovery sea’s wonders.  
  Repubblica di San Marino is one of the most little country in the World, it rises up on Titano Mountain and narrates about ancient traditions. Three Towers, Basilica del santo in neo-classic style are really striking. In Santa Chiara's cloister it's possible to visit important exhibitions. The Palio of Big Crossbows is famous and it's pleasant to go for shopping downtown, finding really low-priced gifts.  
  San Leo Castle is built on a rock considered unassailable and it seems to refuse man's action.
Coming into the only door that allows to access the Town, you can admire the Place with Romanic Pieve, the Duomo, the stronghold where Cagliostro has been penned.
  Santarcangelo Hill keeps the mistery of 200 caves digger in tuff. Suggestive Hypogeas wiht an unknowed origins.
Medieval Towns is surrounded the beautiful stronghold, to which you can go getting into small streets that overlook wide landscape of Romagna.